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Interview With Everyone Everywhere

Hey kind people!

If you follow this blog (and it happens that you are fluent in Portuguese), you do know that Everyone Everywhere is one of my favorite bands nowadays. So I was really thankful when asked them an interview and they accepted:

1. Do you already like everyone else?

Brendan McHugh: It would be hard to like everyone else, because many people are unpleasant. But, there are many good ones, and we like them.

2. Both covers of your albums are very touching. Does it has a personal reason for the members or just happened that you liked the art?

Brendan McHugh: We thought the photos were interesting, and liked them as a pair. There seems to be some intrinsic bond. Warm colors and cool colors. They're interesting photos that we found that we felt somehow resonated with the music we had written.

3. You went to Europe last year. Can you tell us a little how the kind of reaction you got there? And how did you feel seeing your lyrics sang by people of another country and language?

Brendan McHugh: Europe went well. Reactions were positive, we were not ever booed, (that I recall). Telling jokes on stage in between songs was difficult due to language and cultural barriers. Our sense of humor doesn't export that well. The music was fine, it seemed like everyone liked that, but the jokes fell flat.

4. Which things do you learn touring together that are impossible to learn in a bureaucratic boring job?

Brendan McHugh :Touring is a great way to subsidize travel. You learn how to sleep in a van.

5. What are the bands you recently felt in love?

Brendan McHugh: Lizzy Mercier Descloux, Julia Holter. Matt hosts a radio show that you can listen to online (, and his playlists are excellent.

6.What are the band’s next plans?

Brendan McHugh :We might record a couple of new songs. Hopefully we will find time to book a tour to an exotic place.

7. What are your reactions about all these fuzz and stuff about the “revival” that you and other great bands have been doing since ever? I mean, do you think it’s cool all these big websites talking ‘bout the “scene” or they just are showing selected sizes of a thing that is deeper than it.

Brendan McHugh: We will continue doing whatever it is we've been doing for the past 6 years regardless of whatever is happening. We don't care. It's cool if some bands are getting more attention or selling more records. Whatever is happening is fine.

8. From a very distant place, the gigs in Philadelphia seem to be amazing. Can you please describe us a little?

Brendan McHugh: Shows in Philadelphia are good. There is a nice group of people in Philadelphia and they very regularly attend shows. A lot of these people are friends, they seem to know each other and I get the impression that they hang out together even when they aren't together at shows. They all presumably follow each other on Instagram and like each others' photos and tweet at one another on Twitter. It's a nice community.

9. Is literature a thing that influences the way you write your lyrics? IF so, what books really marked you?

Brendan McHugh: Literature is not a big influence. I have read books but I have not actively thought about any particular book while writing lyrics. The last book I read was the first 100 pages of Madame Bovary. Our next record will be a concept album from the perspective of a bored housewife in provincial France.

10. How is your song writing process?

Brendan McHugh : We jam until we find a part we like and build a song around it from there. Lyrics come much later and are usually written as quickly as possible while under the influence of severe deadline anxiety.

11. Nowadays, what is the level of priority that the band has in your ordinary life?

Brendan McHugh: We are all pretty busy with other things, and unfortunately music falls a little bit low on our lists of priorities. Work is the biggest thing that gets in the way. We're also 3/4 in Philadelphia and 1/4 in New York, so it's hard to maintain any regular practicing/writing/performing schedule.

12. Once I saw pictures of the amazing underrated Stardust Memories in your website.  It’s really one of my favourite movies ever. Can you please tell us of another forms of art that you are connected and touch you?

Brendan McHugh: Stardust Memories is excellent. We aren't particularly entrenched in any other art forms other than film, maybe. I work in film, Tommy does sometimes too. Matt and Brendan G enjoy going to the movies.

13. Did you find out good bands in Europe that you never heard of?

Brendan McHugh : The guys in Chalk Talk, who we were on tour with, made us listen to this band called "NOFX" a lot while we were in the van and we had not heard of them. They were terrible, though. The opposite of good. We met some good bands but I am not remembering any names right now because it was a year ago.

14. Thank you so much! Say anything, and if you somehow come to Brazil, let’s have a drink.

Brendan McHugh: We would love to come to Brazil sometime. That sounds wonderful. Thanks for talking to us.

You can check their bandcamp : 

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