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Interview with Football, etc.

Hey smart people. 2013 was a great musical year and had so many good releases. But Audible, last Football, etc. release, really stood out in my opinion. So, I was absolutely honored when Lindsay (guitar/vocal) and Mercy (bass) accepted doing an interview.

You can read it below:


1. Hello. How is everything with Football, etc band members?
Mercy: I am at the Association for American Historians conference in Washington DC. It's snowing and way too cold for me.
Lindsay: Enjoying the winter holiday and gearing up for our upcoming tour!

2. There are a lot of lists at the end of the year. What albums surely will be at yours?

Mercy: Red Hare – Nites of Midnite, This Town Needs Guns –, and the new Beyonce record.

3. It has been four months since Audible was released. How was the general reaction to the album and it was what you expected?

Mercy: I think a lot of people enjoyed how much cleaner and bigger Audible sounded (compared to The Draft), which is what I was hoping for. I was happy that Audible charted on college radio too.

4.  You will be touring Europe next year. I read the comments at your facebook and when needed, you ask for your fans to talk to promoters, etc… How is to do pretty much everything by yourself? Do you enjoy it? It pisses down sometimes?

Lindsay: Our friend Tommy in London is doing most of the booking for our European tour. It is a very DIY operation. We prefer to do things ourselves for several reasons-- we get to interact directly with fans and promoters, we get more choice in what we want to do, and its cheaper. 

5.  How is the music scene at Houston? And how is the indie/emo audience at Houston?

Lindsay: I've been happy with how the scene has been changing over the past couple of years. We moved here in 2008, and have had a bit of a hard time finding a spot in the scene, but there have been some really cool bands springing up recently that are definitely plugged into the indie/emo influence. I look forward to seeing that part of the scene grow in Houston.

6. There’s a lot of talk evolving the so called emo revival. But, if I can remember right, you did an EP at 2009, almost five years! Is this a term that upset you or you don’t see a big problem?

Mercy: I’ve got no problem with the term, if its helping people find music they like. I do think it’s a little goofy and sometimes misleading term. But the buzz around “emo revival” is bringing attention to some hard working DIY bands, and that is certainly a good thing.

7. I recently interviewed Dowsing and they said only great things about CYLS. Do you agree with some parallels people draw between CYLS and 90’s Deep Elm?

Lindsay: I think labels like CYLS could certainly be compared to some of the early indie/emo labels. What I think is cool is how a label can help create and propel a scene and an ethic. Music fans become loyal to certain labels that are doing great things, and I see that in labels like CYLS, Topshelf and Tiny Engines today like Vagrant, Polyvinyl and Deep Elm did previously.

8. Warren Franklin did a very good cover of your song. What songs means so much to you that you’d like to cover?

Lindsay: I really love 90's alternative (female fronted) music. I'd love to cover bands like The Breeders, That Dog, or Liz Phair. 

9. Few records got me like both Low Level Owl. How was working with the great Ed Rose?

Lindsay: Ed was a delight to work with. It was an honor to work with someone who has recorded records like "Low Level Owl," which is one of my favorite records of all time. We were able to record the record how we wanted to, with someone with so much experience in our corner making it all work. I'm so sad he sold the studio and is moving on to other things-- I would love to work with him again!

10. This constant changing of drummer has been a problem or that’s fine by you?

Mercy: We have had a hard time finding someone who can keep up with touring and recording. At least for now, we are going to move forward without a permanent, Houston-based drummer. Instead we’ll have friends fill in when they can. We had a great time playing with Andy from Annabel, and are looking forward to playing with Daniel from Papermoons/Pswingset on this upcoming tour. Daniel will also probably be playing on the new songs will be recording.

11. Thant you so much. Please, leave our readers a message, anything. Really appreciate.

Mercy: Thank you for listening to us. Someday we would like to do a South American tour, so please let us know about good bands down there by emailing us or posting on our Facebook

Lindsay: It really is a dream of ours to travel South America. Let's do it!

You can find their beatiful music right here:

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