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Interview with Dowsing

Hey nice people!

Dowsing is really one of my favorite bands, so I was absolute grateful when Erik, vocalist/guitarist, accepted doing me an interview. Below, you can read it, and if you don't know Dowsing, we highly recommend you to check them out and blow your mind with "feel good sad jams.”

1.  “I Don’t Even Care Anymore” really got me. Can you please tell the things you were listening when making such an awesome pop emo album?

Erik:  I started writing the music portion of "I Don't Even Care Anymore" in early 2012 before our first LP "It's Still Pretty Terrible" even came out.  For Dowsing It takes me an extremely long time to become comfortable with what I play on guitar and I usually demo it all out before I show the rest of the band.  Unfortunately, I couldn't tell you what I was listening to because the timing and routines going on at that point were so bizarre.  With that being said I was probably listening to a lot of Jets To Brazil.

2. Your last record, Audible, Rika’s last record and Foxing new LP, all great stuff. How do you feel releasing things with CYLS and how do you get along with all these bands?

E:  I am so pleased that I get to work with my friends, Keith & Cathy, and that we can say we are friends with almost everyone on the label.  There are only a few bands we've never crossed paths with, but I am sure they are as delightful as the rest of the CYLS family.  I don't really see our band ever releasing an LP with anyone else.  CYLS is our family.  Keith and Cathy are supportive of everything we do and I am thankful for that.

3. You guys have been releasing a good quantity of music in such short time (which I’m really grateful). It’s is just things you’ve been saving, or your songwriting process is faster than usual?

E:  Well, like I said before it takes me some time to write, but once I am prepared and I show the band we are able to knock the songs out quick.  I like the idea of having some new music out every year. 

4. I ‘don’t know really if the song’s lyrics are for girls, or any human relationship. But it’s just sounds like any relation with any possible person (even with dogs), do you worry about creating lyrics more vague or do you just write and see what it gives?

E:  I feel like I use to be able to write more broad and vague songs about places, people, and events that happened to me.  Our EP "All I Could Find Was You" and our first LP share a lot of this kind of writing.  They feel more like a patchwork of thoughts and events to me than a cohesive idea.  Those songs are a lot of fun.  I really hope I can recreate that kind of lyrical approach again and build off it in the future.  Our newest release IDECA gets a little too real at points for me.  I had fallen into really hating myself over my insecurities and I was just a wreck.  That whole album is literally just me crying over one person.  Looking back I can't believe I did that.  It makes sense now though because I am the worst. 

5. You had a tour with Empire!, can you please describe us a little of it.

E: This was our second tour with Keith (Cathy really needs to come next time)!  All in all, it was a continuation of the fun we had in early 2012 but even better!  We listened to LULU everyday and everyday it was better than the last time.

6. Hard one. What’s your favorite Superchunk’s album?

E:  Oh darn! I mean every single one of their LPs has a mood to it that could easily fill a void of any of the arsenal of emotions that inhabit my body.  My mood at the moment is screaming Foolish. 

7. How is the audience reaction in the gigs for your new album? Also, US is a really big country, is the audience different between places or the emo/indie public is kind of the same?

E:  The shows have been great!  The support we had on our last tour was wonderful.  Emo in the US does have a seemingly regional appeal, yet it's practiced nationwide.  Sometimes it can be like eating a bowl of soup a little bit here, a little bit there, a big chunk here, just broth there.  You kind of know what you are getting yourself into because you did open the can of soup.  You can find some of the best underground promoters in the strangest places though and we are thankful for that.

8. You were on the Buzzfedd List. ( What bands you’re desperately missing from  ’90s end ’00s emo?

E:  Seam, Jejune, Mineral, & Jets To Brazil.

9.  Is there another form of art that influences in your music? If so, can you please tell us?

E:  As far as art goes I would say topography, food, and netflix.

10. That’s the last question. Please say anything, send kisses, whatever you want. Really appreciate.

E: Thank you Henrique! 

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