terça-feira, 12 de novembro de 2013

Knapsack Reuintes, and Plays Fest '12

Knapsack was/is a band that formed in 1993 by would-be members of Samiam and The Jealous Sound. The band played what would be their final shows in 1999, and left to form their new projects. Back then, they never thought they would reunite, much less to continue to play more shows. However, the band spoke in an AltPress interview about what the reunion means, and why they're doing it. "We’re not going full-tilt boogie on it. This is just for fun. It made sense for us at this point of our lives to do it. It’s a couple of weekends, a kick in the pants, a lot of fun." Though Blair Shehan says it's just for fun, I can't help but hold out the hope for a new album, EP, single, anything. Just a new song, or even a cover would be great. However, my opinion in this matter makes no difference. The band played Gainesville, Florida's "The Fest" this year to an enthusiastic and nostalgia-filled audience. (Video) I watch this video with excitement and hope that maybe, just maybe, they might put out new material. One can only hope. Until then, I'll be nodding my head to my favorite song of theirs, "Courage Was Confused," off their 1997 record, "Day Three Of My New Life."

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