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Interview With High Vibes Recordings/ Worst Case Ontario

Hey nice people!

So, recently I asked an interview with both owners of High Vibes Recording, an independently run record label out of the true River City, Saint Louis, Missouri. Besides running the label, these guys also have an awesome band that you should definitely check out, named Worst Case Ontario.

1. First of all, thank you really much for accepting the interview. Already apologize for my bad English, but I think we can manage that.  What kind of impact the DIY music has on your recording ethics?

Cole Weiche: You're welcome, and thanks for asking us to interview. The English is no problem, it's better than our Portuguese. We like to be really hands-on with everything we do in our music, so we would say the DIY community has had a huge impact on our music, and recording ethics. It's also cheaper and more fun to make your own stuff and to put in the work and effort.

2. Do you have regular jobs?  Is it hard to make music in River City?

Cole Weiche: We do have regular jobs. We both are also in school, which makes it very hard to find time to play shows or record and write, but we always find time when we can. It's not hard to make music here, there's a lot of bands here that are really supportive of the scene.

3. Are all the things you do physically handmade? Do you record on the PC or Studios? Because the sound of your production is actually really good.

Cole Weiche: Everything we release has been handmade and printed by us, as well as hand designed. Besides the cases, everything is made by us. We (Worst Case Ontario) record in Luca's dad's home studio. He has been really helpful and is always there to fine tune things when needed, but also steps back and allows us to be really hands on in the recording process.

4. How much the internet helps far away people (like the ones from Brazil) find your music? How do you see the conservatives that still complain about the web?

Cole Weiche: The internet has been extremely helpful in getting our music out to the world. We have fans as far away as Brazil, Germany, and Russia and none of those people would ever have heard our music without the help of the internet. I get how some people may see more downsides to this, but it's proven nothing but beneficial to us.

5. The first thing that ran into my head when I listened the sad introduction of Steve EP was “huh, this is really intriguing”. And the well paced guitar and the sing along got me at first. Are the lyrics strictly personal? What bands did influence you most?

Cole Weiche: First of all, thank you so much. That is really nice to hear. We're glad you liked our music. The lyrics are really personal. I always write about things that are going on in my life and draw directly from that. We all have wide varieties of tastes, so sometimes the influences come from different places. We all have punk and pop punk roots so we incorporate that as much as possible while also playing to a calmer, somewhat indie style.

6. RVIVR surprisingly came here two years ago. Really, there was something like 100 Brazilian kids screaming all the songs. What kind of feeling on the DIY hardcore/emo/punk scene do you think that can connect people so far away from each other?

Cole Weiche: That's really cool! RVIVR kicks ass. Again, the internet has been doing beautiful things for the music community everywhere, and we think especially in the DIY scene, no matter if it's hardcore, emo, or punk. If people are making music themselves, the internet is a great tool for connecting with people.

7. Do you imagine yourself signing to a major label? Do you think major labels are really interested in meaningful music?

Cole Weiche: Depends on the label, but we would like to think they are. Right now, it's hard to imagine signing to a major label because we're all still working and going to school. It just seems unlikely at the time, and we really enjoy what we're doing now. But if it were to happen, who knows?

8. Are there any plans for new stuff? The bands at your catalogue chose the price of their records at bandcamp or do you have something like list price?

Cole Weiche: We are releasing an EP this month for Worst Case Ontario called "Living At Home," and we just released a month or two ago an EP for Lobby Boxer called "Teddy." We work out pricing for the physical copies of our music with each individual band, but usually for the downloads of our music we allow people to choose their price, with no minimum.

9. The music of Worst Case Ontario goes from ambient to a more direct punk rock. How to meld all your influences and leave a personal brand?

Cole Weiche: We just all enjoy wide varieties of music and try to combine it as fluidly as possible. There's not much thought to it, we just kind of go with what comes naturally. We usually come up with ideas, and bring them to practice and see what works and doesn't work.

10. If you could chose any record of anytime to put at your catalogue, what would be?

Cole Weiche: Any Blink-182 record.

11. Midwest emo usually carry the “sad thing” burden. How people outside the emo scene see you? And really, do you give a shit about them? Hehe.

Cole Weiche: We've get shit for being sad sacks but it really doesn't phase us. We don't care what people think about the content of our lyrics because we make it for ourselves and it's what we like to do. If people like it, that's great and we're really happy they do.

12. At “promising, promising” cover , who is the “freak” on skateboard? What things, besides skating and good music, you do at your hometown? Is it a cool place to just hang around?

Cole Weiche: The "freak" on the skateboard was Luca, learning how to skateboard when he was about 8. The other person is Luca's cousin Andy.

13. Our blog has actually a relatively good number of readers (at list I pretend so), please feel free to leave them a message, a kiss, anything. Thank you so much.

Cole Weiche: Big sloppy kisses for all the readers!!! Thank you so much for reading this and thank you Henrique for asking us to do this interview.

Cole & Luca / High Vibes Recordings

You can check High Vibes stuff right here:

And you can check Worst Case Ontario stuff right here:

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